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Over the years we’ve helped Salomon’s global team with developing brand systems for their various product lines. From skis & snowboards to boots & goggles, we’ve inherited an intimate understanding  of the Salomon ecosystem, giving us the ability to step into a project at any stage and be truly effective.

MTN Collection

The MTN collection marks Salomon’s top-of-the-line touring gear from skis, to helmets to outerwear. We developed a logo that marries the majesty of the mountain with the technical lines of highly engineered products. The result was a powerful mark, able to be applied simply to all offerings under its name.

Boot Branding

Salomon was in search of a way to introduce minimal and consistent branding across all of their snowboard boots. We created a durable raised textile application featuring a custom iconography system for seamless integration into their wide variety of boot styles.

The Hillside Project

Salomon and their backcountry team are some of the foremost pioneers of the off-piste riding movement. Led by pro rider Wolle Nyvelt, the Salomon team has developed a snowboard quiver that allows for any sort of big mountain riding imaginable. To honor this collection we infused its logo with Wolle’s fingerprint embracing the mark he’s made on the sport.


We’ve developed clean & technical graphics, type treatments and color harmonies for Salomon’s binding line to support the brand while not distracting from the beauty and function of the product’s form.

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Premium Northwest Beer

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Independent, locally owned and most certainly premium—PNW is a crisp, chuggable lager that embodies the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Their mission was to create a beer that does more than just taste great, but also supports wilderness conservation by donating a portion of their proceeds to a handful of local non-profits. In an effort to match this sentiment we hand-crafted a can that feels like it was pulled out of a dusty cupboard in your grandfather’s Northwest mountain cabin.