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Shimano XTR

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In the highly competitive bike component industry Shimano XTR tops the list. XTR is known for consistently taking the bike arena to a whole new world. While navigating the most unforgiving terrain, riders are assured that when equipped with XTR they will be led to the bottom of the hill with unparalleled performance.

We created a visual system & style guide, global ad campaign and website to showcase this state of mind and the world of XTR. This project was guided by a simple mantra—“Never Second Guess Your First Instinct”—emphasizing that with XTR you can put your faith in your gear and your mind toward the trail.

The X

The X logo is at the core of the XTR brand and only changes every half decade. We are honored to create the newest edition of the the signature X.  Sharp, sleek and strong—this mark was rendered in 3D for versatile use in all digital applications, print & dimensional packaging.

The Web

We took a futuristic approach to designing the website for XTR. Dark, simple and technical—this site allows the clean lines of the components to be the star.


We transformed the landscapes of action sports photographer Sterling Lorence into the dark, unforgiving world of XTR.

Heads Up

The XTR 360 Experience microsite allows users to access and toggle 360° video of their favorite race and trail athletes as they make their way down the hill. The goal of this site was to showcase new tech and act as marketing tool used at trade-shows that integrated with Oculus VR. We created a heads up display look and feel to merge the campaign with the technical filming style. Try it out here.

Next Project

Microsoft Education Episodic Series

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Microsoft has a mission to be the software and hardware leaders in the education field. As a means of outreach they’ve developed a suite of recurring shows that invite educators to learn about new products and how to best use them in the classroom. What’s more is how they go out of their way to recognize outstanding teachers and students around the globe using their technology to make the world a better place. As with any other quality content stream, people are noticing and wanting more. In order to efficiently increase volume to better serve their audience they needed a way to standardize their episodic content to develop a sense of familiarity as well as increase the speed of production across the world.  Microsoft Education came to Column to help them with this challenge. Our solution was to develop a brand system that included a family of identities, a simple and easy-to-use standards manual and comprehensive broadcast package in order to help them empower every student on the planet to achieve more.