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Del Frisco’s Double Eagle

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Del Frisco’s Double Eagle is an award-winning luxury steakhouse with opulent locations in major cities throughout the United States. In an effort to elevate and fortify their brand presence they tasked Column to develop a comprehensive brand system that encompassed their brand identity in its entirety, which extended across menus, collateral, brand campaigns and a variety of other touchpoints. To sign off, we documented every component in an easy to use standards manual for their internal and external teams.

Before & After

Diving Eagle Emblem

Bald Eagles mate for life and once they’ve found the perfect mate, they literally fall for each other—in a spectacular, plummeting courtship ritual. To determine the fitness of their mate, the two birds soar up to high altitude, lock talons, then tumble and cartwheel toward Earth, letting go just before reaching the ground.

We used this daring act, known as the cartwheel display or death spiral, as inspiration for creating an iconic supplementary mark for the brand.

Photography Style

The photography style we developed is still life inspired with a humanist touch, inviting the viewer to indulge in the art of dining. The sculptural, geometric compositions are truly refined—giving the imagery an elegant but structured presence.

Something more, nothing less

Something more is the sense you get when everything feels right but you can’t put your finger on why. It is the intangible. The unspoken. The underlying joy. It is the sophistication woven into every bite, every interaction and the spaces in between. It is the anticipation that leads up to the bigger and bolder moments. It is when everything comes together just as it should—and when it does, it is nothing less than magic.

Beginning the engagement by writing this excerpt allowed us to use it as our guiding light for this project—ensuring all of our efforts shared the same cohesive vision.


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Over the years we’ve helped Salomon’s global team with developing brand systems for their various product lines. From skis & snowboards to boots & goggles, we’ve inherited an intimate understanding  of the Salomon ecosystem, giving us the ability to step into a project at any stage and be truly effective.