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Swell Dog Gelato

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Dog gelato—need we say more? As a matter of fact, we do. Not only is this dog gelato a perfect treat for your best friend, but it’s human taste-tested and made from the highest quality ingredients. If you are a dog lover like we are, we encourage you to stop by your local pet shop and try it out. You won’t be able to miss the iconic logo and bright orange packaging we created.

You guessed it—this logo was inspired by the dogs who love this stuff to death. Tongues wrapping around the gelato and then around their noses ensuring they devour every drop.

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Red Bull Signature Helmets

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We had the privilege of outfitting some of the worlds greatest skiers and snowboarders with their own custom Red Bull helmets. Each were inspired by their unique stories and were a true labor of love for us to create.