Stumptown Cold Brew

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Stumptown Cold Brew




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July 2017

The Pioneers of
Cold Brew Coffee

Repackaging an Icon

Stumptown is known as one of the Northwest region’s most beloved coffee companies. Gaining more and more popularity, it became time to offer their trendsetting Cold Brew products on the national stage. In order to stand-out in the sea of competitors within the category that they themselves created, they needed a package redesign structured to leverage the Stumptown name — making it the focal point of their ready-to-drink products. Being careful not to disrupt their loyal consumers, we developed an updated look and visual system for their Cold Brew beverage line that harkened back to their rich history and exemplified the quality of their product.

The primary goal for the redesign was to amplify the Stumptown brand name while retaining the spirit of the original packaging.

Before & After

The new mark is inspired by hand-painted signs found at Stumptown cafés blended with elements of the original packaging.

We created a custom illustrated seal to express quality and heritage. The Horseshoe has been with the brand since inception — representing their motto of “Good Luck”.