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Redsoul is one of the Northwest’s most prestigious metal fabricators, specializing in the art of creating functional sculpture used primarily in commercial displays. With their main focus zeroed-in on creating and manufacturing their actual products they employed our expertise in developing a brand system that attracts their core clientele—large fashion companies—while still being maintainable by their small team. If you want to see some of their work in real life, check out Nordstrom’s new flagship store in Manhattan.

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DFG by Paul Hobbs

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Del Frisco’s Grille was in need of a label design for its exclusive table wine, “DFG by Paul Hobbs”. The label needed to be fun, lively and sophisticated, and most importantly support Grille’s social environment. We created a label that plays on Grilles’ use of artistic marbling patterns by including bold new colors, while adding elegance through introducing foil accents and minimalistic type treatments.