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Microsoft Education Episodic Series

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Microsoft has a mission to be the software and hardware leaders in the education field. As a means of outreach they’ve developed a suite of recurring shows that invite educators to learn about new products and how to best use them in the classroom. What’s more is how they go out of their way to recognize outstanding teachers and students around the globe using their technology to make the world a better place. As with any other quality content stream, people are noticing and wanting more. In order to efficiently increase volume to better serve their audience they needed a way to standardize their episodic content to develop a sense of familiarity as well as increase the speed of production across the world.  Microsoft Education came to Column to help them with this challenge. Our solution was to develop a brand system that included a family of identities, a simple and easy-to-use standards manual and comprehensive broadcast package in order to help them empower every student on the planet to achieve more. 

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Brand Marks

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The marks we create are thoughtful, honest and carefully-crafted expressions of a brand’s character distilled to their purest forms—symbols made to be timeless and to ignite lasting impressions.