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Beautiful Uproar

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Beautiful Uproar is a Seattle based apparel company specializing in making children’s leotards that are 100% organic, as well as 100% usa sourced and manufactured. We developed an identity system that supported this clean and thoughtful brand alongside a simple and easy-to-use website, that almost instantaneously captured the attention of Mother Mag and Seattle Child Magazine, giving Beautiful Uproar a helpful early boost for their inevitably, successful brand.

The lioness and custom, slab serif logotype were designed to feel warm and friendly, yet confident in spirit. The perfect pairing for a brand centered around empowering our youth to believe in themselves.

The website we created was streamlined and focused, simple and easy-to-use and full of spirit—giving Beautiful Uproar the opportunity to hit-the-ground-running and capture online sales that broke projections.

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A La Mode Packaging

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After experiencing tremendous success with their brick and mortar locations, A La Mode decided it was time to update their packaging and offer their products at a broad retail level. As an extension of their identity and brand systems, we developed a packaging suite that allows A La Mode to pop on shelf in-store and out. We even engineered a propriety method for boxing the perfect slice.