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A La Mode Packaging

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After experiencing tremendous success with their brick and mortar locations, A La Mode decided it was time to update their packaging and offer their products at a broad retail level. As an extension of their identity and brand systems, we developed a packaging suite that allows A La Mode to pop on shelf in-store and out. We even engineered a propriety method for boxing the perfect slice.

Retail Packaging

The goal for this packaging project was to inject the local café experience into the products seen at the retail level. To achieve this while creating a shelf-ready presentation we applied adhesive bellybands to act as the primary branding and extra structural support while leaving plenty of space for the pie to shine through.

To-Go Packaging

In effort to save on costs we implemented a one-size-fits-all sticker for all box sizes. As a functional supplement we created an additional sticker applied at boxing to denote flavor. This allows the packaging to be sustainable, budget friendly and makes the pie itself the star of the show.

Custom Slice Box

The task was to design an inexpensive package that allowed employees to box the perfect slice without squishing or breaking. So that is exactly what we did—with a lay flat lid and rear flaps that retract for a clean spatula release. Not only that, we added a special hole for smelling and a handy fork stand.

Pies Cream

If your name is A La Mode, you are almost obligated to offer some of the tastiest ice cream. The half and half packaging motif we created represents the equal parts pie and ice cream packed into every pint.

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